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To the media representatives:

The jubilee of Kiel University, its 350-year anniversary, will be a year of festivities for the city of Kiel and the state of Schleswig-Holstein as well as for all people who feel connected to the university. We encourage you to become part of the jubilee and to report about the jubilee activities.

All press releases concerning the jubilee will be pooled in a special feed:

Additional news and media coverage can be found at the website’s start page. We are looking forward to your reporting.


For inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Dr. Boris Pawlowski
Dr. Boris Pawlowski
Project manager "University Jubilee"
Phone: +49 (0)431 880-3004
Email: cau350(at)
Anne Waller
Anne Waller
Project manager "University Jubilee"
Phone: +49 (0)431 880-5214
Email: cau350(at)


Media representatives may download the jubilee’s logo free of charge. You are free to publish the jubilee’s logo for any coverage concerning the 350-year anniversary in the press. Please indicate Kiel University (“CAU”) as source of the material.

Brochures, flyer and more

In order to advertise the jubilee and as promotional material for supporters, we have developed printable products that can be downloaded here. If you would like to support the anniversary by distributing flyer or placing the jubilee advertisement, please contact the projects managers listed above.

Animated logo

Kiel University has been through some turbulent times and is expectantly looking into the future. An animated logo is a good way of displaying this movement.

If you would like to use this logo, please copy the HTML-Code into your own website:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you need another format, please send an email to: cau350(at)

CAU 350+ Zeichen

As part of the 350-year anniversary, we would like to make 350 positive marks together with you. Submit your personal experiences with reference to Kiel University!