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Competition terms and conditions

Competition terms and conditions

Participants confirm that the pictures they submit meet the following criteria:

  1. The photo submitted is taken by the participant personally. All image rights and/or copyrights belong to the participant. The participant agrees to the publication of the photo with his/her name on the internet and in print media.
  2. The photo submitted shows a flower display planted by the participant himself/herself. We kindly request details of where the photo was taken and what it shows. A title for the picture must also be specified. Participants may submit multiple photos to the competition.
  3. The participants grant Kiel University and the Förde Sparkasse rights of use and exploitation rights for the pictures submitted in terms of Sections 15 et seq. of the German Copyright Act (UrhG) free of charge, within the framework of the university jubilee and the flower competition.
  4. If people can be seen in the photos, the participants guarantee that the depiction of these people does not violate their privacy or personal rights. In the event that one or more people depicted in the pictures are recognisable, their consent is required in order for the pictures to be published. If individuals under 18 are depicted, their parental consent is required.
  5. Members of the competition jury, organisers of the competition and their family members are not permitted to take part in the competition. The winners will be notified in writing in August 2015. The jury's decision is final.

Data privacy and personal data

Kiel University requires personal data from participants to conduct the flower competition. Any personal data that is supplied to the CAU as part of participating in the flower competition will only be saved, processed and used for conducting and handling the competition. In the course of running the competition, this data will be passed on to the competition jury consisting of representatives of the CAU and the Förde Sparkasse. It will not be passed on to third parties. By agreeing to the conditions for participation, participants also agree that the CAU is permitted to save, process and use personal data for the duration of the competition. Participants' data will only be collected for the purpose of the competition and will be deleted afterwards. Deletion of personal data may be requested at any time, without specifying reasons, by sending an e-mail to cau350(at) (in accordance with Section 12 Para 2 of the Schleswig-Holstein Data Protection Act (LDSG SH)). However, participation in the competition is then ruled out.

CAU 350+ Zeichen

As part of the 350-year anniversary, we would like to make 350 positive marks together with you. Submit your personal experiences with reference to Kiel University!