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Lutz Kipp, President of Kiel University and Scientific Head of the Jubilee

Dear friends of Kiel University!

our Alma Mater is turning 350 – she has seen generations of graduates, researchers, and teachers and has met many cultural and scientific challenges through the centuries. Because of this, Kiel University is renowned for its vibrant academic teaching, its internationally recognized interdisciplinary science and its responsible governance. In its anniversary year in 2015, Kiel University would like to celebrate its eventful history and its progress into the future with everyone who feels a connection to our academic institution. Festivities, concerts, symposia and many more activities will show what makes us unique and who we are. Your support is important to us. I would like to thank you for being by our side during the anniversary year.

Yours sincerely
Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University

Torsten Albig, Minister-President of the State of Schleswig-Holstein and patron of the 350th anniversary of Kiel University

The 350th anniversary of Kiel University is a good opportunity to spend a few mo-ments thinking about the history of Schleswig-Holstein's oldest Alma Mater and only fully-fledged university. After its foundation on 5 October 1665, a mere 15 professors taught the subjects theology, law, medicine and the arts. Today there are about 400 professors, spread across eight faculties and who teach and supervise the research of over 24,000 students from all over the world.

In the early days the university had its own jurisdiction and its teaching staff enjoyed freedom from taxation. The university also had the same status as that of the aristocratic monasteries, the nobility and the citizens of the town. As a result of the treaty of 1773 under which Holstein and Kiel were ceded to Denmark, the university became the northernmost German and, at the same time, the southernmost Scandinavian university. Close, friendly relationships with Danish universities today form an important part of the university's international orientation and are also a sign of the good relations between Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein.

The university also had to survive difficult periods such as the National-Socialist era and the Second World War. At this time it was strictly National-Socialist and removed its Jewish members at an early stage. The university's buildings were almost completely destroyed during the Second World War and the number of students declined significantly. Overcoming this period also means that we must accept it and not hide it. The university has fully accepted this challenge so that it can face the future with confidence.

The 350 years of the university's history is a story of continuous change. I am very happy that for this anniversary we can clearly say that Kiel University is a modern university which is held in high esteem among the international academic community. It's strengths lie in teaching and research; it maintains close cooperative relationships with other universities and non-university research institutions and sees itself as a service-provider both for the region and the entire State.

In its four research focus areas of marine sciences, life sciences, societal, environmental and cultural change as well as nano science and surface research, it attracts researchers from Germany and abroad and has achieved international prominence. Indeed, one of the wishes of the founders back in 1665 has certainly been fulfilled: the university has long been a factor in our economy that we cannot imagine living without, as well as a major employer in the Kiel region.

The coming years will set new challenges for Kiel University. The number of students will be influenced both by demographic change and by the increasing proportion of people wishing to study each year. The university has therefore been working on strategies for a long time now, about how to react to the increasing heterogeneity of its students. On the research side, it will have to continuously face severe competition for scarce research funds - which will also continue in the future. The discussion with society about research and its findings, opportunities and limits will have to be conducted with much greater regard to ethical, social and environmental aspects than is the case today.

I am sure that Kiel University will overcome the challenges of the future, that it will strengthen its eminent position among Germany's universities and that it will maintain and extend the important part it plays in the advancement of Schleswig-Holstein.

Torsten Albig
of the State of Schleswig-Holstein

Lord Mayor Ulf Kämpfer, Ambassador for the 350th anniversary of Kiel University

The Land Capital Kiel is proud to be home to Schleswig-Holstein's only fully-fledged university. What began 350 years ago with the university's foundation marked the start of an outstanding success story. At that time, nobody from the founding generation could even have imagined that 350 years later, the campus would be alive with over 24,000 students, being taught almost 80 subjects by a teaching staff of over 2,000 scientists.

And it is indeed our good fortune that the university is located in our growing city. It feels good to have this world-famous university in our midst. It gives the city the opportunity not only of sharing the same space as the university but also of benefiting from the expertise of its universities and positioning itself as a city of science and research. "Knowledge creates the future" is the motto of both the city and its universities.

Kiel University is without a doubt the flagship of our fleet of universities - making Kiel a 'sailing city' - bringing in a good catch from the ocean of knowledge. Thanks to its universities, Kiel is a young city full of students who live here and are learning how to shape the society of the future. Here in Kiel we are not just curious about what the future will bring. No, we are taking charge of our own destiny.

The City extends its sincere thanks to all those who, by their teaching and research, contribute to the success of Kiel University. Drawing on the words of André Gide emblazoned on the University Library ("Manche leuchten, wenn man sie liest" - some shine, when read), I hope that Kiel University will continue to shine brightly for many years and centuries to come. We want to do everything in our power as a city to ensure that Kiel University will continue to sparkle in and beyond Kiel.

Dr. Ulf Kämpfer
Lord Mayor of Kiel, the Capital City of Schleswig-Holstein.

The Jubilee

Celebrating its 350-year anniversary, the State University of Schleswig-Holstein would like you, its research associate and administrative employees, its students, supporters, sponsors, alumni and alumnae, to join the festivities. Let us proudly look back on our achievements and set the course for our further development in the 350 years to come.

As part of the jubilee, we wish to continue on our journey of opening ourselves towards the city of Kiel, the State and the world. We would like to express our gratitude to you for your trust and your support, to date and in the future. You are the reason that Kiel University is positioned at the top for 350 years.

Thanks to you …

  • we are a breeding ground for talent.
  • we are strong in research.
  • we maintain diversity and outstanding quality in teaching.
  • we stand for comradeship and networking.
  • we act in an ethically responsible manner.
  • we drive innovation for a modern Schleswig-Holstein.

Based on these qualities, we want to create an event that shares our happiness and brings people together. We would like to show that Kiel University is devoted to the State and plays its part in setting a scientific course towards the future of Schleswig-Holstein.

Along with the other universities and institutions of higher education in the State, we will be offering the best possible education for our youth. We support a culture of openness, of open debate and of responsibility towards society and nature.

During its jubilee, Kiel University and its partners want to show that it will continue to play a decisive role among the educational institutions of Schleswig-Holstein. We are an active part of the town of Kiel and the State. And in that capacity we are sure we can kindle your enthusiasm for our cause.

CAU 350+ Zeichen

As part of the 350-year anniversary, we would like to make 350 positive marks together with you. Submit your personal experiences with reference to Kiel University!