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Hochhauslauf powered by Förde Sparkasse

The first tower race powered by Förde Sparkasse was a complete success!

170 runners took part in Kiel University's first ever tower race today (Wednesday, 22 April). After 14 floors they were rewarded with a panorama view across Kiel and a medal. "A complete success!" was the conclusion made by the President of Kiel University, Professor Lutz Kipp. He opened the event together with a VIP team consisting of Dr Martin Skaruppe, Board Member of Förde Sparkasse, Rainer Ziplinsky, Managing Director of Zippel’s Läuferwelt, and Claudia Kratzenstein, winner of the Mettenhofer Hochhauslauf 2013. "Today I was able to see for myself the sporting challenge which the runners had to master. The greatest respect and many thanks to everyone who took part today!"

"The Förde Sparkasse provided support for each one of the 28,710 steps taken in the form of 35 cents per step - towards Kiel University's 350th anniversary. I am pleased that everybody made it to the end and the Förde Sparkasse is therefore able to support the university jubilee with 10,048.50 euros", said Dr Martin Skaruppe. The spectators also got their money's worth in the tower building foyer and were able to watch the race in the stairwell up close and personal thanks to live footage by the public-access television channel "Offener Kanal"

One of the individual runners was Kiel University student Tim. He is currently training for the Iron Man in Hawaii. "On Sunday I ran the marathon in Hanover - my legs still feel like lead," he said. As a professional sportsman, he can normally pace himself perfectly, but today he had a problem: "The worst floor for me was the ninth - because I miscounted. I thought I was one further.“ The relay team "Sportjugend Schleswig-Holstein” with Bastian, Kristina, Lea and Josefine also had lots of fun: "It wasn't that hard" said Bastian. Lea added: "It was easier than I expected. I just trained for the race at home, by going up the stairs faster."

The winners

Heidi Wehrmann won the Ladies individuals with a time of 1:15.2 minutes, followed by Levke Walczak with 1:16.4 minutes in second place. Wilma Huneke was third with a time of 1:27.4 minutes.

Torben Herber won first place in the Mens individuals with a time of 1:04.6 minutes. Christoph Schäfer took 1:05.7 minutes, achieving second place. Ron Hellriegel came third with his time of 1:06.6 minutes.

In the Team race, "Projekt 59" were the winners with their time of 0:59.34 minutes, followed by team "Keimsprung" with 0:59.64 minutes in second place and team "AK Grotemeyer" with 1:00.51 minutes in third place.

CAU 350+ Zeichen

As part of the 350-year anniversary, we would like to make 350 positive marks together with you. Submit your personal experiences with reference to Kiel University!