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CAU - right up there for 350 years

Experience 2015

A university jubilee is brought to life through its events and projects. During the festival year, students, tutors and staff will be working together with sponsors to create their festival of festivals and make the jubilee year 2015 an extraordinary experience.


Kiel University's 350th anniversary is to be accompanied by numerous special projects by university institutions and students.

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350 years of Kiel University in the past, present and future. Museums and establishments from the university, city and region are putting on a large number of exhibitions for the festival year 2015.

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Kiel University is celebrating its 350th birthday together with its partners. With their support, projects are being realised, friendships strengthened and celebrations organised to make 350 years of Kiel University unforgettable!

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CAU 350+ Zeichen

As part of the 350-year anniversary, we would like to make 350 positive marks together with you. Submit your personal experiences with reference to Kiel University!